Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Owls | RachelLovesPeace

Peace Owl Giving Love by RachelLovesPeace

I am loving all of the earth friendly items offered by RachelLovesPeace. This acrylic painting is so bright and happy. I really like the owl's hat with the flower. I think this owl could make you smile. Thanks so much to RachelLovesPeace!

Speaking of owls, I heard an owl in a large tree above the driveway. I instantly thought of my blog theme and how much I wished I could capture it on my camera. There was no light, unfortunately. Maybe someday I will be able to photograph the owls.

Stay tuned for more themes!!


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  1. thank you for posting my Peace Owl art! ♥
    Your blog is fabulous. ☺


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