Monday, March 16, 2009

Theme Submission Schedule

Week of March 22nd - Holga Photography. I love photographs taken with a Holga camera! If you take photos with a Holga, please submit them! (Submission deadline: March 18/09) Still openings available!

Week of March 29th - Rain. Submit photographs, paintings, anything that has to do with rain. April Showers bring May flowers, so let it rain! (Submission deadline: March 25/09)

Week of April 5th - Owls. I think owls are so interesting. (Submission deadline: April 1/09)

Week of April 12th - Spring. I want to see all springtime items. (Submission deadline: April 5/09)

Week of April 19th - Spring Fashion/Clothing. I want to see all springtime outfits. (Submission deadline: April 12/09)

Week of April 26th - Ice Cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I want to see your items with ice cream on them! (Submission deadline: April 19/09)

Week of May 3rd - Handmade Purses/Handbags. Time to accessorize! (Submission deadline: April 26/09)

Week of May 10th - Italy. I want to escape to Italy! Submit your Italian style items or photographs from Italy. (Submission deadline: May 3/09)

Week of May 17th - Pillows Pillows Pillows. (Submission deadline: May 10/09)



  1. What fun and creative themes! I'll have to remember to submit something! Thanks for introducing yourself and your blog in the forums. Feel free to list your shop's sales, giveaways and shipping promos in my weekly Etsy Promos post. It's free! So nice to meet you!

  2. What a great concept! I'm going to try to submit something of mine!

  3. sounds lovely!
    my peace owls love the theme for April 5th!

  4. I love your theme idea!
    Here is my latest purse for the week of May 3rd.
    Here is the purse section in my shop also.

  5. Here is a great item for your spring theme for the week of April 12th.
    You may like this organizer also.


  6. For April 12 Spring, Ihave this soft, huggable, pink bunny that embodies spring for me!


  7. I posted my Holga Themed Photo to Etsy, but here are submissions for the Spring Theme, too:

    Holga Theme:

    Spring Theme:

    Thank you!
    This is a great idea.
    I shall pass on the blog!

  8. Theme: Spring. What a clever idea to get so many choices. I love it!

    There are my springy Items

  9. Super cool idea! I'll send over some items later.

  10. I would love to be considered for your Italian theme! These earrings were handcrafted using Venetian glass beads!

    I've also filled out your blog form if you need that info!

    Thanks in advance for this awesome opportunity!

    have a wonderful and peaceful day!

  11. Oooooh Italy...perhaps the OPERA necklace is suitable, it was inspired by a trip to Rome.

    This is such a great idea! Good on ya ;)

  12. I have some owl stationery that you might like:

  13. Here is a lovely pair of earrings for you "spring" theme!


  14. Thanks so much everyone for posting your items!!

  15. I have two shop on etsy and spring theme is


    or what you like on my shops:)

  16. I would like to submit my Ice Cream Cone Paper Piecings:)

    You have a great blog... thanks for the consideration!

  17. Sounds wonderful! I just finished a craft fair this past weekend have a number of beautiful purses and totes to list in my shop - some pictures are already on my blog but I hope to have listings up throughout the week.


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