Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring | carrieelizabethjones

Floating Flower and Reflection, Lowcountry South Carolina by carrieelizabethjones

This floating flower is so serene and pretty. The colors make me feel very relaxed. This print measures 5x7 inches and is printed on matte paper. All photos are taken on 35mm or 120 sized film. I love that she is using traditional photography instead of digital. Even though I use a digital camera for some of my photographs, I always seem to look back when I was in college and I used manual cameras. Being in the dark room was so stress free and relaxing for me. I really miss it. Lately I have been exploring other means of photography. I broke out my Holga camera just a few months ago and haven't turned back. I do not have my own darkroom at home, but I still love the quality that could never be reproduced digitally. Thanks so much to carrieelizabethjones for submitting her Spring photo print!



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