Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inspiration | Cori Schierer

(image: Memories Are Forever)
Today is Tabitha and Grady's wedding and I so excited for them! It's going to be a day we will all never forget. Good friends celebrating all together in one beautiful place. Even though I am away in Mexico, I am still able to bring you some wonderful posts. With the help of my good friend and graphic designer - Cori Schierer, she has agreed to be a guest contributor! She is sharing some things that are inspiring to her. Thank you so much Cori!

Things that Inspire Me: Cori Schierer

Interior Design

This interior space inspires me because it is so different, colorful and unique. This space reminds me that there doesn't have to be solid walls or clear cut lines that separate space. In reference to my design work it reminds me that design can be a little more abstract sometimes, it doesn't have to be so basic and straight forward, regardless of your field of design.
(Image: Color Lovers)

Color Palettes

I love finding beautiful color palette's that can inspire my work and that I can use in my work to bring a more beautiful cohesive colorful look to what I am designing. I love making my own and finding other's that inspire me, this color palette is right up my alley. I am a green lover, especially these tones, so this is a palette I will be saving for a long time to come!

I use green most often in my work, and home to design and decorate, it inspires me to live a cleaner greener life and it is a relaxing color in nature as well.

(Image: Color Lovers)


Jewelry has always been a personal inspiration for me, I love accessorizing with color, finding new beautiful pieces of jewelry to brighten up any outfit.

Finding jewelry with unique colors and stones, beautiful beading always excites me. I, like many women am a shopaholic, and jewelry is always a purchase I can never stay away from. In college I dabbled in jewelry making though I lack the patience to perfect the art, I admire those who have.

(Image: Nieman Marcus)


As much as modern architecture fascinates me, European architecture will remain my favorite. I went backpacking in Europe in college for 2 weeks and going to Vienna, Austria and seeing this castle was a breathtaking experience, one I will not soon forget. The beautiful colors of the garden and the beautiful castle, fountains and surrounding buildings were amazing. I am continually inspired by the classic beauty of Schonbrunn, it reminds me that the classic live on forever and if you create something truly magnificent, it will not soon be forgotten.

(Image: Picturing Europe)


This photo was taken on my latest vacation to St. George Island, Florida. It is an inspiration to me, because it reminds me of how I felt at that exact moment. I am amazed at how great photographers can capture the essence of a person, situation or landscape and actually tell a story in a single photo.

Though photography is for now just a hobby of mine, looking at others photography work is an inspiration to me.

(Image: Cori Schierer)



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