Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Join the Pen Pal Club!!

Wow, when I was browsing Poppytalk over the weekend, I found this great post about joining a pen pal club. I remember one of my favorite past times growing up was that I had a pen pal over on the west coast, she lived in Oregon. We wrote each other for almost 2 years. I would get so excited to get mail from her. We'd share photos and stories, it was wonderful. Then she moved to Michigan and we still continued to write! The letters sort of dropped off a little while after she moved. She probably got busy exploring a new neighborhood. But this post made me want to join in! This Pen Pal club is world wide and is hosted by Reform School. Click here to see the post.

(image: andreasnilsson1976)



  1. what a neat idea! i too had a penpal growing up..i was in michigan and she was in london so my young self was very impressed, haha! loved getting those letters from so far away though, i might have to check this out.

  2. Oh wow. I used to have a slew of pen pals. I wonder what happened to them all!


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