Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Interview | Monkey Puzzle

What is your name?

What is the name of the shop?
Monkey Puzzle

What is the shop address?

Please list any URLS of where readers can find you

Facebook fan page: Monkey Puzzle Press:!/pages/Monkey-Puzzle-Press/172234662842

IamMonkeyPuzzle at Flickr:

JuniperLodge (my vintage shop):

What is your art or craft and how long have you been creating?
I was definitely a kid when this all started, with the time and inspiration to get lost in the creative process. I think a lot of artists were the shy, outsider types and that was definitely the case with me. The creative process became my very sense of identity.

By the time I was 15 I had the singular focus of pursuing art in my future.

I attended 3 1/2 schools and earned a BFA in visual design.

I'm inspired by materials and the process of problem solving involved in designing. I almost solely work with materials that have had a previous life, partly out of a sense of nostalgia and partly because I feel there is such an abundance of good material out there. I'm not interested in being a part of the production of more material. So, I collect discarded items and reinvent them.

I describe myself as an avid dabbler because I find I'm happiest when I can mix things up a bit, so I acquired a vintage clam shell letterpress and taught myself how to be a printer. I also bind books, draw and play around with hand lettering. I think a small edition book is on my horizon sometime soon.

You have so many talents! What other things do you do besides creating?
Family, home and food.

What inspires you?
Nostalgia is a big one. Objects made or worn into shape by a human hand. Understated beauty. Furry and feathered people. Loved ones.

Are there any artists that inspire you?
So many! I'm forever amazed at the incredible amount of really brilliant artists that exist today, not to mention ones that came before. The reason I started a blog was to to keep track of ones I wanted to remember, it's my sourcebook. If you stop by and look under the category "artists" you'll see what I've been looking at.

That's a great way to start a blog! What are five words that describe you?
a very curious avid dabbler

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Thanks for stopping by today, Elan!! I am so glad to have you!

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