Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flowing Ideas

key1, originally uploaded by coffee&cream.

Today, my mind has been racing of new ideas and things that I want to accomplish. I haven't spent as much time creating as I would like. I miss it. What are you working on? Feel free to share it here in the comments or join us in the flickr group. I love hearing about what you are doing!

I have read some really wonderful interviews and I feel like I am getting to know others a little better. I hope to have some more interviews in the near future.

Only one more day until the weekend!



  1. Hi! Thanks for featuring my picture on here. :)
    Tonight I am going to continue working on some pillow covers I am making with IKEA fabric!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful blog! I love the colors in the photo above. Keep up the great work!

  3. great earrings - original!

    I do that all the time - have so many ideas I never get round to. I finish my college though this week for summer and have loads of time on my hands so I aim to get creative and do more blogging about it :)

  4. Christina, I would love to see your new pillow covers. I had no idea that IKEA sold fabric! Sounds awesome!

  5. Thanks, Vicki! :-) Thanks for visiting!

  6. Cut Copy Create, I just went to the art store at lunch and I am going to get some creating done this weekend. Yeah! Congrats on completing your classes!!


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