Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Interview | The Moss Garden

Today's interview comes from a very talented jewelry designer! Please welcome Victoria of The Moss Garden!

Where are you located?
Montreal, QC

What is the shop address?

Please list any URLS of where readers can find you.
I have a blog at http://the-moss-garden.blogspot.com, where I write about birdwatching, wildlife in general, cooking, photography, my life as a university student, and other miscellaneous brain outpourings!

What is your art or craft and how long have you been creating?
I make jewelry with a zoological or botanical theme. I've been making earrings and necklaces for myself since I was a teenager (not so very long ago) but in mid-summer I started taking it more seriously and putting more thought into my designs, and opened up my Etsy shop!

I definitely see your nature theme and I absolutely love it! What other things do you do besides creating?
I'm currently in my last year of my BSc degree in wildlife biology, and I'm applying to veterinary school for next year. Full-time classes, a part-time job, volunteering and various research projects keep me busy!

Good luck with your schooling! No wonder you like to create zoological themed jewelry. What inspires you?
In a word, nature. I'm from the Pacific northwest and I grew up near the sea, so I always loved things inspired by the ocean. I love all kinds of plants and animals, from the furred to the feathered and scaled.

Are there any artists that inspire you?
There are so many shops on Etsy and other sites that I admire - I could never list them all! Some of the ones I've had favourited for a while are My Lavaliere, Wrist Candy Creations, Gathering Stars, Track and Field Designs, Sarah K Designs, BirdNerd, and Three Birds Designs. More traditionally, I love paintings by Lawren Harris and Andy Goldsworthy's ephemeral art.

What are five words that describe you?

Would you be interested in offering a special discounts to the GiDu Design blog readers?
Sure! A 10% discount good for one week after the feature is available by using promo code GIDU in the notes to seller at the time of check out.

Thanks again Victoria for sharing with all of us today!



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